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directory. [06 Aug 2020|02:09pm]

You can also search through my icons via the memories!
Who has the most icons? Kristen Stewart (2,014) and Emmy Rossum (1,121).

icon directory. )

• Please be sure to credit my icons when taking them. Commenting is also nice, but not required.
• Please do not hotlink any of my images, for it eats up my Photobucket bandwidth.
• A handful of the batches were made quite a long, long time ago, so please disregard the fuzziness and the general lack of clarity from the older sets!
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friends only. [05 Aug 2020|01:45pm]
Comment to be added. Affiliates welcome.
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game listings. [04 Aug 2020|10:09pm]
I've decided to create a new entry for this journal that will hopefully help roleplayers to connect with one another by means of a game. If you have a game or are in one that needs more members, please let me know so that I may create a listing for these games on the front page of the journal. Comments will be screened for your privacy in the case that you want to post but do not wish for others to know who did.

To create a listing, please fill out the following form in a comment to this entry:

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[22 Jan 2011|03:16pm]
Advertising for fandoms. I know quite a few of you spend time in ~pbads (who doesn't?) but for the fandom centric RPers, this will make it easier to do something similar to ~pbads without all of the pb-only ads.
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[06 Jan 2011|04:36pm]
All About Moi )
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[26 May 2009|01:06am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Shady, shady mods.

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[14 May 2009|12:39am]
[ mood | giddy ]

I'm so excited that Adam and Kris are the final two for this season of American Idol that I can hardly stand it. I love Danny, I do, but Kris has been better than him for the past few weeks. And while I honestly adore Kris? If Adam doesn't win I swear I will gnaw my arm off. Adam really deserves to win, which means every Adam fan out there needs to vote as much as they possibly can this coming Tuesday! Look, even Katy Perry wants Adam Lambert to win!

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[18 Mar 2009|01:46pm]
Apparently I've exceeded my photobucket bandwidth and now all of my icons and such are gone from this journal. I'm trying to delete a whole bunch of pictures that I don't need, so if you know how to fix this without me buying anything? That'd be fantastic.
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Elizabeth Reaser. Various. [22 Nov 2008|11:46pm]
Elizabeth Reaser. )
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[01 Jun 2008|03:10pm]

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